CATALYST Training Solutions

Technical training rarely delivers the results businesses need when using the standard approach.  

Acumen uses a powerful approach to technical training that guarantees proficiency - the Acumen CATALYST. CATALYST prepare delegates via pre-course mentoring to accelerate learning. Preparation ensures readiness for intensive, high-paced training that significantly increases retention (standard course retention is typically 20%, while pre-course preparation increases retention to above 85%.)

This style of technical training in our London centre exponentially increases the ability of IT professionals to design, implement, maintain and troubleshoot reliable, secure and effective systems.



Each course is proceeded by pre-course mentoring (see diagram above) to ensure all delegates are at the same level before attending the Instructor-Led course. This allows for a rapid transfer of skill, as hands-on training with strong background knowledge results in a higher comprehension of the subject which will improve performance when delegates return to work. CATALYST delegates enjoy an outstandingly high success rate and skills gained during the learning process bring about a dramatic increase in efficiency.


CATALYST Guarantees

  • CATALYST training guarantees skills transfer - at the end of the course skills are in place to do the job.
  • CATALYST training guarantees certification, and there are no hidden costs to gaining certification - exam costs can be included within a CATALYST.
  • CATALYST training does not only guarantee the skill set to the individual on the course - it guarantees the skill set to the organisation, too. If a delegate leaves his company within six months of attending a course Acumen guarantees to offer the same course to their replacement at no cost to the company. Our guarantees are in place to reflect that we are prepared to assume the responsibility of our partners' success.
  • CATALYST training cuts the downtime used for training by more than 75%
  • CATALYST training solutions lead the market in rapid skills transfer as the approach has been designed to suit to the learning style of most IT professionals.