Green IT: Training and Courses in ISEB Foundation Certificate in Green IT & CompTIA Strata Green IT

Training in Green IT and attending courses on implementing Green IT processes not only provides benefits to the environment, it provides benefits to the organisation embracing Green IT.  Both private and public sector organisations now face the challenge of providing cost effective services against a background of a global recession, volatile energy costs and an obligation to the environment to reduce its carbon footprint. Acumen enables clients to achieve Green IT objectives via its innovative training approaches for both the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Green IT & CompTIA Strata Green IT certifications. 

Acumen can also help in the reduction of your organisation's carbon footprint by including, with each of its unique Mentored Training Programs, a free onsite audit of your organisation’s IT facilities.

Acumen has a training approach which will help organisations drill down into the issues faced with identifying areas where Green IT can be applied. Whether it is by implementing simple efficiencies such as encouraging companies to utilise their IT assets for longer, setting up desktops to hibernate after a period, or more complex remedies such as server virtualisation, IT can lead the way to help deliver an organisation’s green credentials.

Acumen offers both a 3 day CATALYST and a 3 Month Mentored Training Program aimed at:

  • anyone involved in procurement, provision, support, and delivery of Information Technology.
  • anyone with an interest in how IT can assist an individual or organisation reduce their carbon emissions and output
  • individuals who have the responsibility of delivering an Organisation’s Green initiatives, IT or otherwise.
  • Chief Information Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers, Corporate and Social Responsibility Managers, organisational Green IT Champions

Validation of the curriculum can be assessed by a review of your IT strategy as well as by including certifcations such as the  ISEB Foundation Certificate in Green IT or the CompTIA Strata Green IT Certificate. 

Link to ISEB Foundation Certificate in Green IT curriculum: ISEB Curriculum

Link to CompTIA Strata Green IT curriculum: CompTIA Curriculum


The Acumen Mentored Training Program (MTP) in ISEB Foundation Certificate in Green IT & CompTIA Strata Green IT certification courses 

Upon successful completion of the Mentored Training Program (MTP), students will be able to:

  • assist their organisation in understanding the impact of Green IT regulations, legislation and policy
  • identify and baseline their organisation’s current Green IT credentials
  • advise the organisation how to move forward in delivering greener IT
  • have a comprehensive understanding of the definition of Green IT
  • identify the political, environmental, social and legal drivers for Green IT
  • understand the practicalities of energy efficiencies
  • explain the business benefits of adopting a Green IT strategy
  • have a fundamental understanding of the importance of IT when trying to achieve an organisation’s green objectives
  • compile an action list to identify their organisations Green IT requirements, and be able to implement them

The MTP course will deliver: 

An understanding of the overall environmental need for an organisation to adopt a Green IT strategy including:

  • Climate Change and Biodiversity
  • Dangerous and exploitive working practices
  • The effect of hazardous waste use and disposal
  • Consumption of precious resources such as oil, gas and water
  • Drivers for Greening IT

Identification of the organisation’s external drivers and opportunities for greening its IT including:

  • Political
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Legal

Identification and understanding of the organisation’s internal drivers, opportunities and benefits of adopting a Green IT strategy

Understanding of the main government policies and the goals and objectives of UK and EU legislation pertaining to Green IT

How to assess an Organisation’s business operations, IT use and products/services in terms of their energy consumption and understand the associated Primary and Secondary carbon footprint.

Understanding of product lifecycles including:

  • Material extraction
  • Transport
  • Manufacture
  • Usage
  • Disposal

How to audit and assess an organisation’s functions and processes to identify energy and carbon inefficiencies and opportunities for IT to realise energy efficiencies, and carbon reductions

Understanding the importance, risks, issues and opportunities around:

  • Printing and recycling
  • Energy efficient computing
  • Mobile and remote working
  • Resource sharing platforms
  • Assessment of environmental and property impacts
  • Virtualisation Defined, Virtual Platform Applications and Virtualisation Best Practices
  • Power efficiency technology
  • Data centre rationalisation
  • ACPI
  • Out-sourcing opportunities
  • Best Practice frameworks e.g. ITIL®
  • Display and Network devices
  • Remote Meeting

Understanding the difference between embodied emissions and those related to consumption

Understanding how to make sustainable IT procurements and how to best use and recycle/re-use/dispose of IT assets to meet external expectations and requirements by enhancing sustainability

Gaining a practical understanding of the benefits of a Green IT Action Plan

Understanding the opportunity for the organisation’s to reduce its Carbon Footprint by investing in IT growth and the concept of Silicon Trading 

Understanding the concept of ‘Green Wash’ and how it can be overcome

Understanding how to create and implement a joined-up Green IT strategy

The importance of aligning the Green IT strategy to an organisation’s environmental and sustainability policy

Green IT Strategy - Project Management, Initiation Stage, Planning Stage and Execution Stage


Disposal and Recycling- E-waste & Hazardous Substance Disposal

The roles and responsibilities associated with Green IT including:

  • The Green IT Champion
  • The Procurement Manager
  • The Sustainability Officer

Finance and Cost Benefit Analysis including:

  • End to end costing (lifecycle approach)
  • TCO (total cost of ownership) and equipment refresh
  • Calculating the payoff period of investments in Green IT

Understanding how to manage external relationships and stakeholder expectations

Understanding how to manage and change staff behaviors towards adopting greener ways of working

This MTP course will cover the curriculum and exam objectives for the CompTIA Green IT Certificate certification and ISEB Foundation Certificate in Green IT certification

Green IT Course Content
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