Acumen Mentored Training Programs


This training solution offers an extremely cost effective solution for IT professionals to build their understanding, skills and ability to align IT to their business’ requirements in a supported learning environment. 



The training program consists of short exercises, discussions and if required examination preparation training supported, on a weekly basis, by a conversation with an adult learning mentor and, as often as required, recourse to subject matter experts via a 24 hour response email service. 


Excellent manuals and online facilities are provided within the program and the approach can also progress to an instructor led class room based format.   


While some delegates do require instructor led approaches, many delegates have found the Mentored Training Program not only secures a better pass rate for the exams, but, more importantly, allows delegates to think more critically during the program about how and where to effectively apply the content to their business objectives.  


Benefits of Mentored Training Programs (MTP)

Personalisation maximises skills gain - The Mentored Training Program (MTP) works with the premise that the delegate has some prior knowledge of the technology in question; analyses specific areas requiring skills; and a personal mentoring plan is tailored to the delegate needs providing a bespoke training approach that maximises skills gain in the shortest time frame.

Saving training downtime - The MTP does not replace instructor led training programs but, where they are not applicable, covers the curriculum in a format requiring a negligible investment in downtime.  Acumen suggest one, or a maximum of two, 45 minute sessions a week is sufficient to gain significant work relevant skills over the program. 

Complete skill set – The MTP provides an end-to-end understanding, thus enabling practical application to the workplace.

Workplace relevance - Pre-course mentored learning applies the theory to delegate role and your workplace. 

Long term skill retention - The recommended one to two ‘bite sized’ 45 minute sessions weekly preceded by mentoring call is proven to aid practical application of the theory and significantly improve learning retention over the long term. 

Deep rooted practical knowledge - The MTP allows the mentor to include exercises, labs and workshops, where we ask delegates to build, break & fix and converts their background reading into deep rooted skills.  This leads to confidence and ability to successfully tackle issues and projects within the scope of the program - and in turn makes any required exams easier.

Acumen Mentored Training Programs
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